Truth Frequency Radio">Kev Baker
Feb 14, 2015


Sky News are reporting that Danish Military are preparing to deploy in Copenhagen after gunmen attacked a free speech meeting being attended by contraversial artist Lars Vilks.

It is far to early for me to say false flag, but the rapid deployment of troops to try and catch just two alleged gunmen seems rather over the top in my opinion. In the hours ahead we will get a clearer picture as to whether its another staged evet.

Staged or not, lets look at what will happen on the back of this event. The Danish people can expect their government overlords to offer them protection in the form of losing more liberty. Also, get ready for the media to drive that wedge further into the divide that opened post-Charlie Hebdo event between Islam and everyone else.

I do not apologise for questioning everything we see, especially the events that have the glossy 24/7 media circus in tow, for you see, we can no longer accept the word of known liers. The majority of the “spectacular” events are staged in order to control the narrative and to direct the event just the way necessary to achieve the goals of the agenda being followed.

Thoughts and prayers go out to anyone that MAY have been involved, but again, i have to question everything.