Truth Frequency Radio
Dec 02, 2013

demon-magic-tricks-professional-dynamo-david-blaine-criss-angel-cyril-copperfield-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-information(Before It’s News)

With everything we’re hearing lately about zombies and mind control, you had better believe demons are at the center of it all! Satan and his minions are ever on the loose today, as God has given them more power for this final hour in history.

The thing is, Satan loves to boast and show off what he can do. In so doing, he overplays his cards and shows people exactly who and what is at the core of the game.

Here, you can literally see the devils in some of their eyes! It’s insane! Watch and see for yourself! Magicians are in the Bible as well, and they were known for using Satanic powers, so this should not be that big of surprise for those who follow Yashua.

Satan will sink his claws in deeply to whomever allows him in. Are you allowing him in your temple? What are your open doors? Addiction? Lust? Hatred? Deception? Adultery? If things are not going right in your life, look around. You might have let the enemy inside of your house.. Please scroll all the way down and watch the Perry Stone video. It is a must-see!