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Apr 23, 2013

by Chris and Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

familyguyWhile his younger brother is in “stable” and “responsive” condition (allegedly even well enough to make it through a preliminary court session), a youtube account supposedly owned by Tamerlan Tsarnaev has surfaced, a pictureless profile only first registered August 17th, 2012 (almost exactly 8 months before the marathon bombing), allegedly “after Tsarnaev came back from Moscow” (actually, he came from Dagestan, a totally different country culturally and ethnically than Russia, albeit a province. It’s funny how Raw Story always has a way of making things that are completely innocuous  – a trip home to see one’s mother, in this case – sound like he’s training in jihadist terror cells for 6 months straight with the Mujahideen of the Caucasus. But I digress….)

Among a recently-joined group entitled, “Allah is the One”, apparently run by a website called “” is a spattering of “liked” videos, mostly in Russian, and give the impression that they are of various terrorist cells in the Caucasus area. However, all of the activity ceased around 2 months ago, so if this profile is indeed real, one would have to wonder why he suddenly became inactive.

As good journalists always do, we have to go to the source of the very last activity on the youtube account in order to know more. According to WHOIS domain search, we find the following information:

domain:                          MERCIFULSERVANT.COM
created:                         26-Dec-2012
last-changed:                    26-Dec-2012
registration-expiration:         26-Dec-2013


status:                          CLIENT-TRANSFER-PROHIBITED

registrant-firstname:            Hasan
registrant-lastname:             Sarwar
registrant-street1:              152 Drayton Park
registrant-pcode:                N5 1LX
registrant-city:                 London
registrant-ccode:                GB
registrant-phone:                +44.2073593338
registrant-email:                [email protected]

admin-c-firstname:               Hasan
admin-c-lastname:                Sarwar
admin-c-street1:                 152 Drayton Park
admin-c-pcode:                   N5 1LX
admin-c-city:                    London
admin-c-ccode:                   GB
admin-c-phone:                   +44.2073593338
admin-c-email:                   [email protected]

The videos posted by the above-mentioned site are not violent in any way ; In fact, they encourage non-violence and peace, even going so far as to denounce the actions of last week in their newest youtube video.

What does all this mean? Nothing, if this account is fake and intended to provide a red herring for “investigators” and “interrogators” to pore over. But suppose it is real. Does that mean that 2 months ago, he started “concocting this plot”, according to “officials”? Or was he actually training with an FBI-controlled group to carry this act out, being handpicked as a patsy by the feds years ago to be plucked out and used when deemed necessary and convenient?

At face value, from the very start of his youtube account last year, he does seem to have an extremely Muslim religious viewpoint. Does that mean that he is an extremist? My grandparents are extremely Christian pastors who are proud of that fact, does that make them “extremists” as well?

According to the New York Times, by the time he had even reached Dagestan, his aunt said he had already “ grown a beard, prayed five times a day and had given up drinking“. Oh, that’s definitely a terrorist, for sure. I guess Raw Story decided to leave out the very end of the article:

But relatives said they could not fathom how the young men they knew could be the terrorists who bombed the Boston Marathon. Their aunt, Patimat Suleimanova, said, “They couldn’t commit an act like this.”

The only way that I could see Tamerlan Tsarnaev having anything to do with the Boston Bombing, based on his (alleged) Youtube profile, his family history, and the history of the places he’s from and traveled to, is if the FBI somehow baited him with citizenship for himself and his younger brother (which apparently was granted on 9/11 of last year for Dzhokhar but was pending for himself) if he participated in this drill. Based on the group he’s allegedly tied to, the Mujahideen of the Caucasus Emirate, there would be no motive to participate in an actual terrorist attack.

Rather, the young men were probably told, like so many patsies before them (what is it, 24 times now that the FBI has set up and foiled their own “terror plots” in the U.S.?) that they were part of a drill. They got their end of the deal (or half of it, at least) months ago, it was time to fulfill their end of the bargain. The rest, as we know, is going to go down in history as the most botched false flag terror attack in history. So unbelievably foolish were the military contractors, the FBI, and Navy seal teams, that C-Span’s Sunday show was absolutely flooded with calls about just how absurd this last week has been.