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Apr 24, 2013

glenn-beck-goes-crazy-in-radio-show-pin-head-funny-comedyby Chris and Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

When Glenn Beck announced last Friday that he was going to “expose the Boston Marathon Cover-up”, even going so far as to call it “manufactured terror”, we must admit we got a little excited. I mean, here’s the same guy who said we were the devil for saying “9/11 was an inside job” NOW saying that the government is evil and creates terror attacks. What gives?

Upon further inspection, it seems like an onion of disinformation wrapped in an enigma and smothered with fake outrage. All Beck did was merely point out the fact that a Saudi National was detained and then mysteriously “deported” for national security reasons – which we covered thoroughly last week. He utterly failed to point out any of the other inconsistencies with the official Boston Marathon Bombing narrative (Craft, International’s presence, SEAL teams all over the place, bombing drills announced over loudspeakers, family members of suspects crying foul, you name it, he left it out).

We’re not denying anything he’s saying about the Saudi, especially considering that, AHEM, we interviewed J. Michael Springmann a few years back about how he worked for the State Department in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and was ordered to approve visas for some of the 9/11 hijackers, among countless other “questionable” types who, for some reason, are wanted INSIDE the United States by our own State Department. We know the Saudis had significant involvement in 9/11, but they couldn’t have done anything at all without help from a rogue element of our own government.

If Glenn Beck really believes that this Al-Harbi guy is responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing, then he must somehow, at least in the subconscious crevices of his mind, believe that our own government’s involvement in 9/11 has to be possible. If this is the case, then to continue to pursue this “Saudi National” narrative is totally hypocritical, because he, like so many others, has demonized people for doing exactly what he’s doing right now.

He needs to publicly apologize to some of us “truthers” and “conspiracy nuts” (not all, because we understand that some of these conspiracy theories are dumb, while others are completely plausible) for making us look like terrorists to our families. You closed my grandparents’ minds to the idea that our government could carry out terror attacks on our own soil for political gain, and now that it’s happened again (albeit smaller this time, thank God), you want to open them up again, but only in a compartmentalized, “halfway out of the barn” kind of way. Do the right thing, Glenn. Start covering false flag terror throughout history: Operation Gladio, Operation Northwoods, all of it needs to get out there, and you have enough of an audience for it to make a difference. The people you wiped your feet on for the past 5 years deserve to be vindicated.