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Jun 09, 2013

by Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

samplegardasil1While doing some research lately on the renewed push for HPV vaccines for youngsters in the wake of Michael Douglas’s revelations about his throat cancer, I found an article written about a month ago by Matthew Herper of Forbes Magazine, who absolutely insists that “safe” vaccines kill people on a regular basis, and that it’s basically no big deal that 20,000 adverse events were reported to VAERS for Gardasil (the HPV vaccine) because every drug has it’s side effects, right?

Just to cover/refute a few of the “points” he made in the article:

let’s take a look at those 20,000 adverse events and 100 deaths and figure out what they mean. It’s absolutely clear that these are for the most part not side effects from Gardasil. Nor is the vaccine, which has been given to more than 10 million people, likely responsible for those deaths.

gty_shot_boy_hpv_thg_111025_wgActually, it is in no way clear that these are not the side effects of Gardasil. To say that something is “absolutely clear” means that it is an undeniable, provable fact, not that “for the most part….”. When someone says, “it’s absolutely clear” then follows it up with “for the most part”, it means they’re using a logical fallacy. You can’t be sure of something and not be sure at the same time. No information is given that disproves the information suggested by anti-vaccine activists, just the phrase “It’s absolutely clear that…(these are) for the most part not side effects, nor is the vaccine…likely responsible for those deaths”, which is a propagandist way of not denying the information but still making the reader think the dissenting view is a stupid one.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System was put in place in 1990 as a result of a 1986 law that requires health providers to report harm that comes to patients within a specific time period after vaccination. (The same law also limits liability for vaccine manufacturers to prevent them from abandoning the category.)

images7Isn’t it interesting how the author makes it seem like it’s okay for vaccine manufacturers to have limited liability for the people they hurt simply because it would prevent them from making more vaccines? What a sick thought process.

Unfortunately, VAERS data is notoriously spotty – better than nothing, but there’s no way to insure that potential side effects are reported.

Again, a reason NOT to get vaccines, not run out and get them, don’t you think?

there is no way to tell if a particular side effect is linked to the vaccine.

HPVYou can when it happens in the clinical trials. The trials of Gardasil actually could hold the title of “shoddy“: Both the experimental and control groups were given aluminum, which causes autoimmune and neurological disorders. This was done so that the numbers of subjects harmed in both groups would be virtually equal, which would put Gardasil in a better position for approval. The insert even says it may not protect you from HPV, may not protect against cancer, and only carries two types of HPV (types 16 and 18) (Update: the quadrivalent vaccine claims to protect against a whopping 4 strains of the virus, but even 4 is paltry compared to the rest of the strains floating around), when there are dozens of types of HPV and the current risk of contracting it sometime in your life is around 80%. Doesn’t sound like a good vaccine to begin with, and that’s not even mentioning all the side effects and deaths since the trials.

Some people will die after any vaccination, not because vaccines cause death but because people, even babies and adolescents, die with terrible regularity.

moshella-roberts-150x150Yes, people die, but they’re not supposed to die in their sleep at age 18, or collapse into walls and have seizures and brooke-petkevicius-150x150blood clots without any history or risk factors for them.

It’s true that there have been 24,000 reports of adverse events with Gardasil. (All of these numbers come from the VAERS database, which you can search here.) There have also been 60,000 reports of death with the mumps, measles, and rubella vaccine, and 26,000 following vaccination with Pfizer‘s Prevnar, for pneumococcus bacteria. And yes, it’s true that there have been 106 deaths reported after Gardasil vaccination. There have also been 101 deaths reported after vaccination with Prevnar 13, a new version of Prevnar introduced in 2010. It’s normal for these reports to pour in for safe vaccines.

gardasil2It’s no more normal today than it was in 2000, when a secret meeting was held at a secretive estate called “Simpsonwood” and a bill was put forward in the Senate in 2005 basically making it impossible for parents of children with vaccine-induced autism to ever sue the vaccine manufacturers, because there was simply too much evidence to suggest that these tin-foil-behatted nutjobs might actually be right: Mercury in vaccines really does cause autism!

It’s never normal (and should never be propagated as “normal”) for someone to die after a “routine medical activity”, including anything involving needles, medications, etc. How, and why, is corporate murder “normal” to this Forbes writer? Who is he really working for?

You can’t directly link any of those adverse events or deaths directly to the vaccines, any more than you could blame it on my morning coffee if I got hit by a truck later today.

This is what’s known as a “fallacious argument”, and a pretty pathetic one, at that ; The coffee and the truck have absolutely nothing to do with each other, so there is no comparison to a vaccine being given to a child and the child dying hours or days later. What else could have killed that child? It reminds me of the argument that vaccines don’t contribute to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) – foreign studies have shown that it has, and yet it’s always blamed on a “genetic defect or “God’s Will” by the medical authorities, and never, ever, EVER, on anything the medical industry puts in that baby’s body.

Based on that analysis, it seems that of those dozens of deaths, only a handful could possibly be linked to Gardasil. And based on the data available, it is unlikely (though not impossible) that even those deaths were caused by the vaccine. The risks from the vaccine are very small and may be limited to headaches and fainting caused by the needle, not the vaccine itself. Gardasil has been studied in clinical trials of more than 30,000 people; Cervarix, the competitor vaccine, has run a similar gantlet.

gardasil_logoFirst of all, how the FDA came to this super-scientific conclusion is that they took all the death reports, dove into their family histories to find any “genetic risk factors” like heart disease and “environmental risk factors” like smoking or taking birth control pills, and then threw out anyone with that in their history, so as to only leave a handful of people who can be “proven” to have been killed by Gardasil.

Also, the last time I checked, needles did not cause headaches (Unless maybe you put the needle directly into the head). Sorry. Fainting, maybe. But definitely not Guillain–Barré syndrome, blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, rashes, autoimmune disorders, or headaches.

There is definitely more to this disgusting article, but I don’t feel I can continue without vomiting, so I will leave you with this: The vaccine manufacturers are trying desperately to make a comeback and regain the public’s trust, and they’ve hired some pretty good writers with a relatively-good level of propaganda skills to try to make that happen. This guy is so outlandishly obvious, it’s almost as if Bill Frist hired him himself to write this article. Now, it’s just a matter of whether or not the public wants to be taken for an expensive, painful ride again with another drug company and another drug for which there is no recourse if you are injured after taking.


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