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AIRED: 03-09-2021

What better way to turn a blah day? Nothing grander than a visit from The Dawn. Today? Double Dawn!! Even as the whole team is buoyed by the spirit flowing from you to us to each other and back again, Zack lets us know the excitement of Noble Gases we’ve termed Sunrise is happening in his region of the Realm. Cool, right? But wait, there’s more. We open the phone lines, and there it is again: Dawn!! We love Dawn, and her call just takes our energy and spirit to new heights. She tells us of the joy found in meeting other like-minded folks filled with KNOWledge and encourages us to renew our vows if you will.
You’d say it can’t get any better than this, right? You’d be wrong! Long-lost brother Brian calls and shares his story of seeds taking sprout in his young nephew Robert’s mind, waking him to new ways of seeing this Realm.
That HAS to be IT, yes? NO! Seems Valley Girls get us!! Ask Horry Sheet. (Spoiler Alert: there may have been ONE other caller today…)

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AIRED: 04-09-2021

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AIRED: 04-06-2021

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