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AIRED: 01-22-2022

We so enjoyed the first time David Strickel was on the show with us we just HAD to get him back on with us again!

Fresh off the heels of a wonderful event he was part of in LA, he gave us a little peek into what went on and it was an amazing time!

We talked about quite a few things in the first hour so it’s kind of hard to pigeon hole the discussion for you but in the second hour we started with David connecting to “The Stream” and they stayed with us throughout most of the rest of the show taking questions from our chatroom! Again, “The Stream” is absolutely amazing with great insight encouraging us to simply remember who and what we really are so make sure to check out his website below to learn more about “The Stream”! You can also find out more about TYA (Trust Your Abundance) Spiritual practice
and his life changing bootcamp! You’ll discover new ways to handle your transgressors— those things holding you back in life— and also the key skills for achieving happiness, gaining clarity, and living a life of abundance. This daily spiritual practice has the power to completely change your life.

We’ll chat with you again next weekend and remember that WE LOVE YOU! 🙂

website: www.thestreamofdavid.com

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