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AIRED: 12-03-2022

It’s always a great time whenever we have David & The Stream on the show with us!

We played a bit of catch up to start things off and from there we just kind of free flowed with various topics with a particular interest in ego, it’s role in our lives by sharing our own dealing with this basic human driver. It was quite interesting and revealing. David also shared a time period he experienced fairly recently where he actually attained a vibrational level that was so high and peaceful that he ended up missing “normal life” with all of it’s challenges!

Then, we had David bring through “The Stream” where we talked about a number of things including our point of entry before we come here and how we determine what we want our initial experience and environment to be and how we shape that as we go through our lives by our own choices, more on the ego, what transhumanism means for us and much more! It was helpful, very informative and, of course, a LOT of fun with David!

We also had him give us an update of the TYA practice which is a mindset practice that David co-created with The Stream’s guidance; it is the practical application of the Stream’s teachings. Rooted in universal law, The Tya Practice is an upgraded operating system for your life––one that anyone can learn. Imagine releasing fear and judgment, and learning to see the world from the powerful, fearless, and non-judgmental perspective of Source! Thousands have benefitted from this and if you would like more info about it, just go to his website below.

Thank you so much for spending your precious time with us and until next Saturday, we hope you have a beautiful week and WE LOVE YOU! 🙂

website: www.thestreamofdavid.com

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