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AIRED: 07-20-2019

In 2008 David was diagnosed with severe coronary artery disease. He was given an arterial stent and told to return later for two additional stents. Upon leaving the hospital, he was told by the doctor that he and his staff would be there when he needed them next time. His first thought was, “oh here we go. I’m following my father down the slope to an early death.”

He did not want there to be a next time needing the doctor and his staff. He determined then and there he would heal himself of this deadly diagnosis. He learned the actions to take and he learned he has a passion for sharing what he has learned. He has lived over ten years as a living biological laboratory experiencing successes as well as failures.

As a teacher, counselor, and coach, as well as being himself a patient facing the same challenges as so many innumerable others, he finds himself in a unique position from which to serve. Contact David at [email protected]

website: intuitiveschool.com

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