Truth Frequency Radio
Chris Geo
Jul 17, 2014


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Recently, I took a position against David Icke and The People’s Voice, which has been unique in my time as a radio broadcaster. I typically do not pay attention to things like this,  especially when it comes to people who I consider to be in the same arena of truth as I. There are always two sides to every story ; Still, this does not alleviate the deep sense of pain and disappointment that I feel in my heart and soul when it comes to David Icke and The People’s Voice.

As I explained on our show, I am the most upset and offended by this scandal because of the blood, sweat, and tears I have put into Truth Frequency Radio and the fact that we have built Truth Frequency Radio from pieces of our very souls. Sheree and I have sacrificed all of our time together as a married couple, lowered our standard of living and even foregone basic luxuries that most people have. We have been to one concert in our five years of broadcasting, we haven’t been out to eat together in over a year, and our wedding costs were around $2,000, just to name a few. This was, consequently, the last time we went on any semblance of a vacation. I mention this not in a manner of complaining, but instead to illustrate why this subject is so dear to my heart and why I feel so passionate about what has happened at The People’s Voice.

For those who are not up to speed, over the course of the last year or so, David Icke raised almost two million dollars for the People’s Voice Network. (I mistakenly said it was only 1 million on our show, so forgive me for underestimating the size of the scandal). The People’s Voice operated for about a month before another emergency fund raiser was put out, threatening to shut down the network. The people responded with even more of their hard-earned money and they were relieved of not only their money, but also their voice.

I knew this was a scam right off the bat, but I bit my tongue, smiled, and continued to be cordial to the people promoting it. How did I know it was a scam? Because I’ve built a network myself. While this network isn’t as elaborate as the People’s Voice wanted you to believe it was (even though it turned out to be nothing more than uploaded videos to Youtube or live streamed on their Youtube channel), I know what a thousand dollars buys, what ten thousand dollars buys and what two million dollars buys. I can tell you first-hand that if Truth Frequency Radio raised two million dollars, we would operate (at least in our current capacity), indefinitely, and that would even leave enough left over to pay the hosts a little something every month. No memberships, no donations, free archives in high quality, etc. etc. However, Truth Frequency Radio has become the biggest independent radio station in the world with a lot of listener support, but very little in the scope of two million dollars. We ask that people donate a small $4 -$6 per month to help cover our costs.  That is all. That, along with faith in the universe, karma and destiny, has made Truth Frequency Radio what it is today. So there is absolutely no reason why a network with two million dollars on hand could go under in less than a month. This isn’t money from derived from investors who are taking a gamble! This is money taken from people who think they’re funding a service to humanity!

There is indeed money to be made in the independent media ; However, it requires a person willing to lose all morality and sink further than the depths of where the corporate swine on Wall Street reside. In fact, the only thing lower than a business man who profits from selling you products that are designed to put you in debt, are destructive to your health, or are created by destroying our planet Earth, is a person who profits by misleading your spirituality. (i.e., Televangelists and other religious based fraudsters, whether it be one of the old world religions or New Age spiritual teachings.) There is nothing more deplorable than someone who taints the souls of others for a buck. Therefore, if I were motivated by money and lacked the morals I have, I would be on Wall Street, not in the independent media, because it takes an unfathomable type of scum to scam truth seekers and those seeking true spiritual enlightenment.

To me, I am happy to embrace the very fact that this lifetime is lived selflessly and by grace. I am happy to sacrifice having children with my wife, or giving her the higher standard of living that she deserves. Why? Because being able to build Truth Frequency Radio and being surrounded by all of these wonderful hosts and listeners makes us both feel more wealthy than the handful of families who have controlled the world’s resources and wealth since the beginning of time.  When I say this is my last life here on planet Earth, I mean it from the bottom of my soul. Once I’m gone, there is no looking back ; My focus is to leave the world in the best state I can when I go. Whether I touch the lives of two people or a billion, I’m not going to look back!

Unfortunately, some of our leaders and gurus are being exposed by their own actions. The truth always prevails. As many of our long time readers and listeners know, Sheree and I have been attacked relentlessly by people trying to stop what Truth Frequency Radio has become today. Because we operate from our heartsand practice what we preach, these people had to conjure up lies and allegations against us. I must admit, for a while it was very stressful and disheartening because the allegations were so contrary to who we actually are. As always, however, the truth rose to the surface, and the accusers disappeared off of the face of the planet, tangled in their own webs of deceit and exposed by their own actions. Likewise, the ones who are not operating from the heart, and who managed to fool everyone are being exposed. The very same force that vindicated us from our attackers is exposing the fraudsters for who they really are. The force, of course, is truth and the main vehicle for truth is the actions of the individual.

Before we get any further, let me just say that I am not here to accuse David Icke or the crew at The People’s Voice of being anything, period. Quite the contrary. The purpose of this article is to offer David Icke’s position on the downfall of The People’s Voice by helping to circulate his explanation of where two million dollars of the people’s money vanished to. But I refuse to hold my tongue or otherwise invalidate my own feelings and the blood, sweat, and tears put into Truth Frequency Radio. I feel it is our duty to let people know what it really takes to build and run a station and illustrate that their voice wasn’t taken away because their two million dollar investment wasn’t enough to pay the costs.

When Truth Frequency Radio began, Sheree and I paid for everything out of our own pocket. When we were unable to do so, we asked for help from our listeners. When Truth Frequency Radio grew faster than the revenue it was generating, I began looking for ways to minimize costs by learning php, html, javascript and a handful of other programming languages as well as Photoshop and began doing things myself to eliminate costs. And we didn’t have two million dollars on hand while we did this.

Two million dollars of YOUR money has been squandered away by a group of people who are pushing the blame on one another. But the real question is this:

Why are none of these people motivated by selflessness and duty to humanity? We would never expect anyone to do something we’re not willing to do ourselves. We’re happy to give a piece of ourselves to humanity, and we owe very little to anyone in comparison to two million dollars. But no one at The People’s Voice is willing to make the same sacrifice for humanity when they indeed owe the listeners at least two million dollars worth of themselves?

Truth Frequency Radio will be here in twenty years but not because we’re too big to fail. It’s because we’re too REAL to fail.


That being said, here is David Icke’s explanation as to where your money went.