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AIRED: 05-07-2021

Is that where we are in this Realm? Beauty all around, sound and light, nature’s bounty for the taking, water, sky, air, an amazing playground to be sure. But just when you think you’re on the clear path, skipping along, humming happily, spreading seeds(see link below) BAM! you’ve stubbed your Rogan! Danger, Will Robinson, danger!! Flail pincers wildly!

–Big fish story? Oooooh yeah!!! But, is there tasty fish to be had amongst all this poison fish?
–Mud vein? Mudvayne!
–We give an app to a Zombie’s wife??

Chat Chit–

Zombie Snoop:
​I just want to take a second to say how much I love the flat earth community and that IRM has the best part of that community even tho we’re small! I love you guys 🤙🏼

Liz The Iron Maiden:
​I’m good Dawn apart from having a really sore toe. I stubbed it on a big stone in the garden … dangerous place lol. Anagram of garden is danger lol. How are you, Dawn?

Dan Morris:
​The show playing woke me up. I thought I was dreaming catfish & hush puppies. lol.

website: www.piedmontfarmandgarden.com

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