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Oct 27, 2013

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Activist Post

After a Dallas police officer was fired over the shooting of a mentally ill man, the officer claims that was actually “betrayed” by his department. Police will now seek a grand jury indictment against the officer.

While a video of the incident in Dallas had shed a great deal of light on the events that led to the shooting, other departments aren’t so quick to allow such scrutiny. For instance, police in North Carolina refuse to release video of the shooting of an unarmed man that occurred in September.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown apologized for the actions of now former officer Cardan Spencer, who was placed on administrative leave after the Oct. 14 shooting, according to the Associated Press.

Spencer was also charged with felony aggravated assault, police initially said on Thursday, in relation to the shooting of Bobby Gerald Bennett, a 52-year-old mentally ill man.

However, a later statement was issued by police that said police were directed by a judge to take the case to a grand jury after the judge would not sign a warrant, according to reports.

However, Spencer says he was “betrayed by a department that he was trying to serve,” according to Ron Pinkston, president of the Dallas Police Association.

Pinkston said that Spencer had never had a complaint filed against him in almost seven years on the police force. Spencer also worked in some of the toughest neighborhoods in Dallas, the head of the police union added.

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