Sep 19, 2013

1379606706000-dairyqueenIt makes my heart soar to hear of things like this: A blind man walked into a Hopkins, MN Dairy Queen and ordered the usual, a hot fudge sundae. When he took his money out of his wallet to pay, he accidentally dropped a $20 bill on the floor.

“Right then and there I knew when he dropped that $20 bill, game’s over, he’s not going to know,” explained Prusak. “He just kept walking and that’s when the lady picked it up and I thought, she’s going to give it back ’cause she picked it up so quickly.”

The manager, Joey Prusak, saw a woman behind him pick up the money and – instead of handing it back to the visually-impaired man – put it in her purse.

Joey was stunned: What on earth did that woman’s parents teach her about integrity, about being a good person? How could anyone knowingly and maliciously steal from a blind person?? But instead of blowing it off, he decided to stand his ground.

“I said, ma’am I’m not going to serve someone as disrespectful as you, so you can either return the $20 bill and I’ll serve you, or you can leave,” said Prusak. “And she goes, ‘Well it’s my 20-dollar bill,’ and I go, well then you can leave.”

He then took it a step further, after the woman left (with the $20, of course): He took $20 out of his own pocket and gave it to the blind man. We are very proud of Joey and his sense of compassion and respect for his fellow human beings, and the rest of the world is, too! Even Queen Latifah was impressed: She has invited him to appear on her talk show soon to discuss his heroic act.