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AIRED: 10-09-2021

In the first half of show Ra Castaldo discusses the path of souls and what happens at the moment of death, from personal experiences and than going deeper into the cosmologies of Ancient Civilizations, Native First Nations People, the Ancient Vedics, the Ancient Egyptians and more ! Many people from many diverse cultures believed the constellation of Cygnus the swan, Cygnus the Goose, Cygnus the Great Honker, was a crossroads on the path of souls . Ra Castaldo discusses how a few years back astronomers found a star within the Cygnus Constellation that was dimming light at irregular intervals, now known as Tabby’s star. Could this possibly be an example of another Intelligence in the Universe? Could this be an example of the existence of what astronomy calls a Dyson Sphere? Could this be even a deeper technology than harvesting energy, but harvesting souls on their path? In the second half of show Ra dives deep into the 18th dynasty and the Soul death transformation technology he believes was rediscovered during the reign of Akhenaten / Amenhotep IV / Moses . Ra has been researching Ancient religions for over 30 years , while at the same time also receiving a deeper psychic imprint and knowing about some of it. A form of remote viewing. Unfortunately the last segment which is about 25 minutes of show , was not recorded. The first 3 segments did record fine tho. Next week will be a continuation of what was missed , this is groundbreaking information !


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