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AIRED: 05-29-2021

Crystal skull explorer and guardian Joshua Shapiro joins us for an amazing show! Do not miss this information ,Ra Castaldo invites Joshua Shapiro back on the Truth Frequency network airwaves to discuss how we are surrounded by a harmonic energy grid, harmonic light fields. Does the crystal skull help the human skull connect to these higher harmonic frequencies ? Have the Crystal skulls given prophecy concerning the future state of Earth and mankind ? Galactic computers and the New Jerusalem , dont miss this show !!!


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This was an Incredible Show ! December 2nd 2023 we are being bombarded with Solar storms of Information! Join as Ra Castaldo is on the cutting edge of Science and Thought. The Cuckoo Call of the Shining Ones , Stellar Information !!! ...

AIRED: 12-02-2023

don’t miss this incredible broadcast as Ra Castaldo discuss bloodlines that can communicate with other states of matter ...

AIRED: 11-25-2023

Step inside the Eye of Ra on 11:11 with Ra Castaldo and Gary Wayne to discuss the possibility of wormholes existing on Planets within the Solar system to various alternate, otherworldy or even parallel dimension of all different kinds. Have Various Ancient Bloodlines harnessed solar and cosmic energies at strategic locations on Planet Earth? Buried...

AIRED: 11-11-2023

tonights show was 1.5 hrs long, and ends at 830pm instead of 9pm, but do not miss this exclusive broadcast. Ra Castaldo delivers an incredible show discussing the information he was receiving during todays annular Solar Eclipse that was visible between Oregon and Texas of the United States. Are we on the cusp of a...

AIRED: 10-14-2023