AIRED: 09-30-2017

A great show with CryptoCurrency pioneer, Stan Larimar, discussing the risks and opportunity of cryptocurrency, and why consumers should learn as much about Bitcoin and exchanges before the bank “reset,” which all of us see on the horizon. Stan explains how exchanges work to execute purchases, and talks candidly about how investors can protect from the problem of fraud. Poof. Gone. On the other hand, the world of central banks doesn’t look safe either, with threats of Bail-ins, grabbing depositors’ money to cover risky investments in the Derivatives Market. Whatever your inital reaction to cryptocurrency, it’s good to understand your options, Stan says. That’s why Bitshare has launched the Billion Hero Campaign to educate investors how exchanges function with the use of play moneys, like a game. Washington’s $20 TRILLION national debt, and the move away from the Petro-dollar to gold-backed currencies by BRICS nations, means it’s only a matter of time before the shoe drops!


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AIRED: 10-30-2022