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AIRED: 12-16-2021

In the first hour I cover plate to earn gaming and how one can earn crypto passive income simply by pushing a few buttons every few hours to mine tokens. I also explain how land in the meta-verse is becoming increasingly valuable. In the second hour provide an update on the Thracian Chronicles and the various collections of New Testament Apocrypha which have become available over the recent years. I read over a list of the many ancient manuscripts which have been released in these two compilations for public consideration so that you know exactly what stories are available for scrutiny.


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My daughter-in-law Julie joins me again for another episode in our ongoing series of Ask Me Anything broadcast. In this show we cover in great detail the antediluvian age, the war in heaven, biblical cosmology, the fall of humanity, and the Giants as the arch nemesis of humanity throughout history. There were a lot of...

AIRED: 01-06-2022

Noel joins me this evening to speak about his latest book. In this broadcast we go over many of the esoteric subjects that he has embraced in researching this latest work. Some of which include such controversial subjects as the serpent seed, enmity between the bloodlines, the feminine Holy Spirit, preexistence, pre-Adamic humanity, and the...

AIRED: 12-30-2021

In this show Justin and I cover chapters 6 and 7 of the book of Revelation. The focus of this study was on the four Horsemen and the seven seals that are opened by the Lamb in bringing forth the bowl judgments. To clarify on these concepts, I also read many chapters from the Revelation...

AIRED: 12-23-2021

This month’s Ask Me Anything show, featuring my daughter-in-law Joy Garcia together with myself as we cover the numerous inquiries sent in by the listening audience on a wide array of topics and issues. ...

AIRED: 12-09-2021

Gary joins me this evening to speak about prophecy and the figtree generation. In this show we cover how God has declared the end from the beginning in His word. And how the riddle of prophecy is being unveiled to many in this day and age. The Scriptures say that many would dream dreams and...

AIRED: 12-02-2021