AIRED: 10-29-2017

Powerful, passionate & furious! Michael Jay Anderson and Scott Bennett argue why a SECOND Special prosecutor must be appointed to sort through the trash heap of evidence against Hillary & top Democrats. Sessions’ grace period is over. He’s got to do the job or GET OUT. Yes, Robert Mueller personally delivered uranium to Russia on the instructions of Hillary Clinton at the State Department. Yes, his legal team is fully staffed with Hillary’s campaign donors who performed legal work for the Clinton Foundation. Yes, the FBI’s top guns– James Comey, Stuart Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe killed the FBI investigation into Russian bribery and kickbacks to top Democrats, which implicated Hillary Clinton. Yes, FBI Deputy Andrew McCabe’s wife received $675,000 from Hillary Clinton, while McCabe was overseeing Hillary’s FBI investigation. James Comey’s brother, Peter, received $6 MILLION as tax attorney for the Clinton Foundation. The FBI is dirty, dirty, dirty. There must be outside eyes to make a fresh examination of the evidence. There must be a SECOND Special Prosecutor!

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AIRED: 10-30-2022