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AIRED: 09-20-2022

Meanwhile The Peanut Gallery is revealing a little of his past. You see, Peanut is ex-military; he was trained and spent several years in close quarters combat. The statement is not one boasting pride or heroics, it is made to provide authenticity for the following: Of all things stated in this plane of existence; carbon emissions, pandemics, world war, and coastal flooding; the only thing that frightens Peanut is the fact that so many people continue to believe this crap.
Quote of the day: “Isn’t it wild that Hollywood in general is very anti-gun but they promote guns more that any other media in the world. All their best movies, whether it is “The Gray Man” or whether you’re watching “The Terminal List” or “Mission Impossible”, it’s all “guns save the day”, “guns kill aliens”, “guns kill werewolves”, “guns kill everyone”, everyone bad gets killed by guns. But at the same time Hollywood preaches that guns are bad and you shouldn’t have guns.” – Joe Rogan



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Quotes of the day: “Though the colors may look false, they are technically the moon’s true hues only that our eyes are not sensitive enough to see them and so McCarthy gave the image a saturation boost to bring out the colors in all their glory.” and “Once you leave the safety of the VanAllen...

AIRED: 09-27-2022

Meanwhile The Peanut Gallery is looking to the future, how bleak it seems; inflation, government mandates, food prices. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Wait! Here comes Flatoberfest. Quote of the day… “Saying that ‘vacuum overcomes gravity’ is meaningless. What is a vacuum? Nothing. What can nothing do? Nothing! Thus a...

AIRED: 09-13-2022

The Peanut Gallery is glad he lives in a country where the jiujitsu judicial system is not connected to political groups at all. Oh wait, crap! That’s no true, is it? That’s not true. Quote of the day… “I regret to inform you that a great light in the firmament no longer shines for us...

AIRED: 09-06-2022

Quote of the Day: “No matter what you hear or read about possible events, remember this: Until it has happened, it hasn’t.” – Mark K Sargent Meanwhile The Peanut Gallery is watching the China response of Pelosi landing in Taiwan. Yep, it has happened. People are being shot in the streets, nukes are almost in...

AIRED: 08-30-2022

Quote of the day goes like this: “History does not repeat itself but it does rhyme.” – Mark Twain The Great Reset wheels are moving but nothing’s happening. The agenda advancement grinds to a halt. ...

AIRED: 08-23-2022

In early June, NASA announced that it’s commissioning an independent study and have re-branded UFO’s to UAP, otherwise known as unidentified aerial phenomena. Wasn’t NASA “supposedly” already doing these things to find LIFE? “Do not regret what you have done. Regret what you have not done.” ...

AIRED: 08-16-2022