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AIRED: 09-30-2020

First time guest on KBS, Ken Ammi, joins me to go over his vast amount of research into topics including Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, Elron Hubbard, Hollywood programming, AI & lots, lots more

Ken Ammi is a long time researcher and lecturer on issues pertaining to worldview philosophies and various sorts of religions.
In this capacity, he has posted thousands of articles on his website, has been published in an apologetics journal and has been interviewed for radio and podcast programs

Some of hist books include…

Cain as Serpent Seed of Satan,

Nephilim and Giants as per Pop-Researchers volume 1 & 2

The Necronomiconjob – multiple volumes

The Trinity Texts: Does the Bible contain Trinitarian Theology and if so, where?

What Does the Bible Say About Angels?: A Styled Angelology

Fifty Shades of Gray Aliens: In Consideration of Aliens, UFOs, Abductees, Contactees, Experiencers, Channeling, and More

Transhuman Hollywood: From Normative Fiction to Predictive Programming

Aleister Crowley’s Influence on Pop-Occulture: How an Obscure Occultist Influences Culture from Beyond the Grave


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