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AIRED: 05-21-2021

How ya like THEM apples?? We solve for “G” this morning, taking it both “O” and most illingest, b-boy…I got that feelin’…I am most ill and I’m rhymin’ and stealin’…
Ali Baba and the forty thieves
Ali Baba and the forty thieves
Ali Baba and the forty thieves
Ali Baba and the forty thieves!
Oops. Anyway, We were a bit late, but brought it hard once we got underway!

–Josh hits our heartstrings like a power chord!
–Prosecutor: “Hey, don’t tell me about the Constitution of the United States.” Will: “Now, liberty, in case you’ve forgotten, is the soul’s right to breath. And when it cannot take a long breath, laws are girded too tight. Without liberty, man is a syncope. Man is an ibid.”
–“Just how red it will look is hard to predict, but dust in the atmosphere can have an effect. (And keep in mind there have been a couple of prominent volcanic eruptions recently),” NASA said. Mmmm hm.
–We dig up some croutons.

Chat Chit–
D C:
​ding ding – 10 points for working in “fanny pack”

Awesome Austin:
​legends on the panel.. u guys are legends.. ive learned so much from this amazing community

Liz The Iron Maiden:
​I don’t think I’d like IRM to be bigger. Chat moves too quick on bigger channels

Special K:
​yep… i love passionfruit…

Constance Bruns:
​”I love us just the way we are!” @IRM FEmily

​I love the Iron Realm just the way you are ❤️


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