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AIRED: 08-01-2023

Quote of the day goes exactly like these two things,”We started our March due to Injustice. We showed no aggression but we were hit by missiles and helicopters. This was the trigger.” Who said this? The leader of the failed Russian coup which we will talk about which you probably didn’t even know was happening. By the way, uh the second one, um kind of related, uh it goes like this,”Ignorance is bliss but technically a Sitting Duck is also happy just sitting there.” Who said that? Stephen Carpenter of the Deftones during dinner which I had with him which we’re gonna talk about. There’s a story that goes with that, we’re not going to talk about that though it’s pretty sad.
Meanwhile The Peanut Gallery is very upset. He made the popcorn, got large two liter bottles of Coke, the liquid not the powder, got his recliner chair all set with blankets, and was ready for the grand show otherwise known as the Russian coup. Then nothing. It was the worst disappointment for him since Battlefield Earth. That’s an old movie reference, you should look that up. It’s really, really terrible.


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AIRED: 09-26-2023

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AIRED: 09-05-2023

DEAD AIR! Sorry everyone. I fell asleep and totally forgot to get SW417 ready and uploaded for a pre-recorded broadcast. Link to show below. Quote of the day goes exactly like this legal term… ...

AIRED: 08-29-2023

Quote of the day goes exactly like this one thing,”What’s sad about it is that you don’t know anything about what you are defending.” Who said that? David Weiss, during an interview recently. Ah, it kinda caught my, caught my attention. It’s like, ‘Yeah you know what? y-w-y-he’s right.’ We – we’ll talk about that....

AIRED: 08-22-2023