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By Luckee

Oct 02, 2015

It seems my initial observations were right.

Is This Another Active Shooter Drill in Oregon? It Sure Took Americans’ Eyes Off of Syria/Russia

In the following video you will see the same blonde woman used in the Sandy Hook hoax, appear in the news reports of the ‘Shooting’ that occurred yesterday.


Dahboo has a winner of a clip from Fox News a Veteran with a concealed carry permit and who was carrying was prohibited from assisting in the ‘shooting’ at the Oregon campus. The School Staff stopped him and other vets who wanted to help.  We cannot have armed vets interfering with a Live shooter Drill.

UCC Shooting: Armed Vet On Umpqua Campus Was NOT ALLOWED to Assist Victims:

Even the  Europeans are getting hip to the hoaxes.

Again folks, and I cannot stress it enough; If the major news networks have experts in studio within the first hours of an event, don’t believe all they say.  Alternative media and those who are tired of the MSM lies and the government agenda through the News Networks, will flesh out exactly what is going on. A great case in point many will not recall since we are inundated with fake stories is the true shooting incident that MSM failed to pick up for hours! And even today, when it has been proven there was a lone nut shooting cops, you will not hear anymore on it in the MSM. Why? That scenario does not fit the official narrative.  

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