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AIRED: 06-26-2018

Today the Iron Troopers are joined by Laura…the Llama…and yes, SHE told us to call her Llama LOL!! Loving life, laughing lots, living loud…Laura leads, life lopes along trying to keep up!! Laura may call herself a committed quitter, starting many paths and projects, achieving the desired results, then just moving along to the next thing that catches her interest…but after a stunning display of finger-style guitar, Walt hopes he can quit like THAT on quitar one day!!
–She has spent some a Tarot reader, finding it to come naturally to her, and when she applied her gift to the Ages Of Man…well, I will let her tell you what is coming…
–School is a soul-killing, mind-numbing, it has been designed to ed-doctrinate away all the reality and KNOWledge that children arrive on this Plane already KNOWing…knowhatimean?
–“There is so much to believe…there is so much to explore”.
–We live in this Fake World by day…escaping these body-shells when we travel the Realms of Eld…it may seem strange to talk of Astral Projection as FACT, but facts are what we are dealing in here…right, Dr. Strange?
–“Imagination creates reality.”

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