AIRED: 04-10-2016

Free-Anon Hacktivist Lauri Love talks about the tragic death of Aaron Swartz and his own fight against extradition from Scotland to the United States, in a case that mirrors APPLE Computers’ refusal to surrender encryption codes for I-Phones to the FBI. This fascinating interview cuts deep into the life and quandries of Anonymous hacktivists– where hackers are coveted as Assets for government operations, but hated for their superior expertise. Where is the line between Black hats and White hats? Over in the U.K. Love faces no charges, though Britain’s National Crime Agency seized his computer toys & demanded that he explain the decryption process of how they all work. Here in the U.S. he’s threatened with 99 years in federal prison if he refuses to submit his brain power to the government. But what would his sacrifice mean for Chinese activists? And Saudi activists? who oppose brutal government policies. By the end of the show, you’ll agree this world is a dangerous place for brilliant, pioneering individuals. Private intelligence firms like Stratfor make Big $$$ for violating international laws and rights of privacy. But expose the bad guys (like hacktivists Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond did to Stratfor) and go to straight prison.


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