AIRED: 02-28-2016

Who was Justice Antonin Scalia?? As more sordid details come out of Scalia’s secret life connected to the International Order of St. Hubertus– the medieval order of “hunters,” today’s guests, Scott Bennett & Michael-Jay Anderson tackle Scalia’s mysterious death. Why was a pillow placed over his head at the time of death? What other strange twists are behind the death of the “Constitutional protector” on the Supreme Court who wrote the awful CITIZENS UNITED decision that declared “corporations have personhood”? Was he getting blackmailed? We talk about David Shurter’s allegations of his own tragic interactions with Justice Scalia, as a victim of teenage sexual abuse. Is Scalia another Dennis Hastert? The former GOP Speaker of the House and wrestling coach sexually abused members of his high school wrestling team. Even the Washington Post has acknowledged suspicious aspects of this story– and why no autopsy was performed. The stench on Scalia’s story is getting worse by the day….

website: www.davidshurter.com

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