AIRED: 02-13-2016

Start at the 7 min. mark. A very special interview with former Rep. Mark Siljander, author of “A Deadly Misunderstanding,” which details his contributions to back channel talks with Libya’s Foreign Ministry in Tripoli arranging Libya’s hand over of the Lockerbie suspects, President Bashir of North Sudan to allow Peace-keepers into Darfur, and Tariq Aziz to allow weapons inspections in Iraq. It’s a rare treat to speak with a man who’s experience parallels my own so closely. Today Mark heads “Bridge to Common Ground”— which is directly seeking connections with Islamic governments and religious leaders, tackling the Refugee Crisis, the bursting Jihadi crisis and the profound misunderstandings pushing our world into global conflict. This is a great show, and my honor to have Mark as my guest!


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AIRED: 04-10-2022