AIRED: 01-17-2016

Cui Bono, baby! Today’s guest, “Quintas Dias” explores the Soros connection to the radical refugee waves sweeping Europe. Q.D. focuses on the Andalusia region of Spain, where Muslim refugees are demanding special legal privileges to establish an Islamic center, citing historic ties dating to the 1300-1400s. Behind it all, Soros is grabbing up real estate and evicting residents to make room for refugees. German bankers must be relieved that refugees snapping up German travel papers are moving onto warmer Mediterranean climates. Dominos are falling into all the (wrong) places, as the Greek nationalist resistance to IMF austerity and overwhelming debt payments shifts to battling waves upon waves of refugee. Is it only coincidence that Spain– that other bastion of significant resistance to NWO debt slavery, which banksters feared would follow the Greek example–is now getting dumped with refugees to deflate independent populist thinking?? Listen to this show, while Q.D. exposes that bigger picture!

website: www.manticoregroup.wordpress.com

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