AIRED: 01-03-2016

Today’s show erupted into a heated debate over who is Rebekah Roth, author of Methodical Illusion and Methodical Deception– charlatan, spy or truth telling agitant? Most importantly, who is she fronting for? Many of us cheered Rebekah, aka Monika Gaynor, aka KoreAnn Ashlee, for her outspoken criticism of Israel’s role in 9/11, as a joint CIA-Mossad operation. Your intrepid host, former CIA Asset Susan Lindauer, assures listeners there’s no coincidence in the Intelligence world. Factions inside the intelligence community are engaged in a war over Washington’s relationship with Israel at this very moment– and the timing of Rebekah’s disclosures can be no accident. However, as we discover, there’s no shortage of debate about Rebekah Roth herself. There’s wild disagreement among those who have exposed her multiple personas. Is she a charlatan? Is she a CIA spy? Is she pandering for her husband? Today’s guests are Jim Fetzer, Allen Powell from Australia and Scott Bennett, who incite a highly spirited debate on those very questions. Jim Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth vigorously defends the No-Planes thesis, which Rebekah’s story dismantles. Allen Powell talks about Rebekah’s phony identities and dependence on her husband. Scott Bennett talks about psy-ops, which has tremendous significance. And your faithful host, Susan Lindauer, rejects the idea that Rebekah Roth is possibly a CIA plant, because she’s completely incapable of tolerating scrutiny of her theories, which is anathema to any intelligence person— However,Lindauer suspects that Rebekah is being fronted by somebody with deep intelligence knowledge of the intricacies of the 9/11 story. One thing’s for certain: Rebekah loathes scrutiny and has demanded that her “Army of Supporters” should use “violence, bullying and harassment” to attack anybody who examines her work. She urged her “Army” to attack Chris Geo’s Youtube channel after he posted an interview with the man who claims Rebekah stole his original research, then offered the full data base on-line for all 9/11 Truthers to review. Did she steal it?? Or did someone else hand it off to Rebekah?? Should 9/11 truthers reject all of Rebekah’s theses, because of her use of this fake identity? If she’s part of an Intelligence attack on Washington’s relationship Israel, like your Intrepid Host, Susan Lindauer thinks, then something bigger is happening. Whatever YOU think, this is a powerful show.

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