AIRED: 12-12-2015

Interview starts at 7 minutes. One year ago, independent television journalist Serena Shim was murdered by Turkish authorities, slammed by a cement truck on a divided highway with a barricade, while she was traveling to the ISIS hotspot of Kobani, to capture video proof of the largest ISIS convoy of oil stolen from Syria and Iraq, which was expected to pass through to Turkey. Serena might be the very first journalist anywhere to expose this illegal money laundering, via stolen oil, for ISIS. Turkish Intelligence went hunting for her that week. She recognized she was in serious danger, and told family in America she might be arrested. This is one of her family’s very first interviews. They’re just beginning to reach beyond their grief to talk about her important discoveries and how she died. A warning– these are not experienced media people. Their interview style is honest, but rough around the edges– for which we love them. But there are devastating revelations about Serena’s penetration of ISIS camps, and profoundly valuable raw intelligence about ISIS fighters, especially in the second hour, that should be analyzed. How ISIS fighters have taken over the refugee camps, which Syrians are now fleeing en masse. How ISIS fighters are loaded up on hard drugs, sitting in circles passing drugs round and round, what Serena apparently called “Drug Camps.” . How ISIS fighters moving through Turkey force restaurants and cafe to give free food and free coffee. How it costs $500 for ISIS fighters to enter & depart Turkey. Serena’s mother and her sister, Fatmeh share everything; Fatmeh was with her at the ISIS camps, and on the Turkish border. She, too, possesses tremendous knowledge. They’re learning how to tell their story. That’s what comes from doing the first interviews!

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