AIRED: 12-06-2015

A red hot debate on the San Bernardino shooting with two incredible guests, national security expert Scott Bennett and Dr. Allan Roland, who treats veterans suffering PTSD. Nobody doubts the Wahabist influence in this case, but Dr. Roland fired the first salvo with questions about possible psychotropic drug use by Tashfeen Malik, the 29 year old housewife studying to become a pharmacist with a 6 month old baby. There’s no toxicology report, so it’s early to speculate. But given her career focus, and the possibility of post-partum depression, Dr. Roland questioned if psychotropic drugs aggravated the circumstances building up to this mass shooting. Scott Bennett delivered a powerful defense of the Second Amendment and gun rights, raising the specter of a psy-op, before or after the event, as reports of a police drill in San Bernadino get quickly buried by the California media. Scott was quick to identify the major global events that got pushed off-screen, on account of this shooting. Nobody’s talking about American boots on the ground in Syria, while Iraq shrieks “No, Stay out.” Or troubles in Turkish politics for Erdogan, and Russia’s challenge to Turkish supplies to ISIS fighters. You can hear the collective sigh of relief from Washington, as all of those issues get excluded from public debate. As for the San Bernadino shooting, there’s no doubt Wahabists are on the move. Is gun control the answer?? Scott defends the opposition most eloquently. If there’s a psychotropic connection, should drug use be scrutinized in issuing gun permits? Bottom line– How do Americans protect our heritage of freedom, while grappling with a major upswing in violence. It’s the Hell of Blowback! This show is Red Hot!

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