AIRED: 11-28-2015

Today’s fantastic guests, national security analyst Scott Bennett and Michael Jay Anderson, deliver a highly charged and incisive analysis of Turkey’s downing of a Russian fighter jet over Syria this week, which resulted in a dramatic escalation of tensions. For now, Putin has emerged dominant in the high stakes chess match for control of Syrian Air Space, whereas Turkey’s protection of ISIS convoys of oil supplies, military armaments and jihadist passage back and forth into Syria has been significantly challenged. As Russia prepares to send 150,000 soldiers into Syria, and insists on closing the Turkish-Syrian border, Scott and Michael Jay Russia examine the underlying factors of the conflict, such as Russia’s strategic quest to build a new oil pipeline to replace Ukraine as its supply line into Europe by the end of 2018, and how NATO has desperately tried to block Russia’s endeavors in Turkey, trying to force Moscow to accept the status quo. It’s all backfiring on Angela Merkel, as the European Union collapses into chaos after the Paris Attacks, and President Hollande and Prime Minister Cameron experience the epiphany that Russia’s on the side of the angels in this fight. Scott Bennett & Michael Jay suggest that more Pentagon brass might be awakening that it’s time to reassess U.S. support for Syrian rebels. Is it time for the Turkish military to overthrow Erdogan?? It’s an exciting show!

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