AIRED: 11-14-2015

As the world groans in horror over the Paris attacks, there’s been a gut reaction to categorize these attacks as a “false flag” operation, which might be over simplifying the source of the crisis. Today’s guest, Jeffrey Blankfort, a highly respected Middle East expert, traces the Paris bombings to blowback from French policy towards North Africa and Syria, as orchestrated by President Sarkozy and Bernard Henri-Levy, France’s most famous Zionist. Rage and alienation among unemployed French Arabs have created this terrifying cycle of violence inspired by ISIS, but very much homegrown reactions to the French role in anti-Arab interventions. Blankfort talks about the Sunni-Israeli alliance and connections to Hillary Clinton and Congress, with deep insight to the Sunni-Shi’ite divide that has manifest with funding from Saudi Arab and Qatar. Blankfort possesses an historical depth of knowledge and a fearlessness to take on the Jewish lobby in Washington


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