AIRED: 10-31-2015

Happy Halloween, friends! On the night of the Great Pumpkin, we salute Kris Millegan of TrineDay Books, which has embraced suppressed authors and controversial subjects for 15 years. In this interview, Kris shows his roots as the son of a CIA operative in Vietnam and other hotspots, whose father exposed first hand how the drug trade was exploited to control the masses. His own father made him an eye witness to the role of psychological operations for channeling public discontent on a grand scale. It was a lesson Kris never forgot. When we talk about “conspiracy theory” labels, Kris provides an eloquent discourse on how Truth is pushing back and breaking the box. We’re actually winning. These books published by Trine Day should be in every family’s book case, for the outstanding research and world perspective, which in the long run proves to possess more truth than glaring errors. Listeners can look forward to more great interviews with TrineDay authors all over Truth Frequency Radio!

website: www.trineday.com

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