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AIRED: 02-27-2021

Step inside the toridial space, inside the eye of ra and join our torus talk conversations of higher consciousness and telepathic communications . tonights show Ra Castaldo discusses premonitions concerning various events like the recent winter storms and mysterious blackouts in Texas area, the 2017 Eclipse, OuMuaMua and is it possible Ra is describing the true origins and details of this Ancient Visitor ? Quantum leaps of data,The Expansion of knowledge and the expansion of the Universe is simultaneously related . We are being herded like cattle away from accessing this info , The poles being Frozen deliberately to even keep us away from accessing inner Earth tunnel to higher dimensions that exist in this same space we do but at higher harmonic frequency. .
A Cosmic Data virus and Cosmic war is bringing people dark thoughts of violence and misery, its time to combat that frequency with a web of light !
Have Various people been receiving divine information and others from tricksters? or has it all been a lie?
Do Various Cosmic intelligences have reasons to be concerned with the various conditions of our world and its inhabitants?
have these Comic intelligences been communicating with us since the beginning ?
Ra Castaldo discusses Native American North East Prophecies , Siberian Native Prophecy , Hopi Indian Prophecy of the Blue Star Kachina , And Various Marian Apparitions like Fatima, Medugjorie, Zeitun Egypt, and even the Marian Telepathic Visions of a Mrs. Van Hoof in 1949 that took place in Wisconsin . You do not wanna miss this interesting torus talk, a telepathic field of communications between you and the truth frequency! Spiral out !


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AIRED: 04-17-2021

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AIRED: 03-20-2021

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AIRED: 03-06-2021