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AIRED: 05-13-2020

If you wonder who is behind the coronavirus PLANDEMIC, wonder no longer. It is the Jesuit Order, also known as the Society of Jesus, and there can be no ifs ands or buts about it.
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Have you noticed the masses only protest what is in their regularly scheduled program? Things like Roe v. Wade? In this episode we attempt to break that programming and show people the purposeful rituals that are meant to divide us, and why we should not participate, but instead, should change the game. ...

AIRED: 06-29-2022

It’s the Summer Solstice and we have dead Ravens, an Afghanistan earthquake, and Pope Francis contemplating resigning while he expresses his concern for murdered Jesuit priests in Mexico, 187-days after his birthday. It’s all that and more, so tune in start to finish. ...

AIRED: 06-22-2022

For some reason the show ended after 1 hour this week, but it was a good hour! Rambo broke down the “we have 1028 days” and I discussed the signs of the times which remind us of what is written as rule number one on the Georgia Guidestones. ...

AIRED: 06-15-2022

This week’s show opens up with Rambo paralleling The Hunger Games to what is coming down the pike. From there we transition to special guest On the Ground with Tara who tells us the story of going from beauty pageant contestant, to a boots on the ground investigative journalist. It’s a show you don’t want...

AIRED: 06-08-2022

Have you ever seen Enemy of the State? What about Knowing? What about They Live? What about a number of other movies that forecasted what was to come in the “news” before it happened? In this episode we cover the subject of predictive programming and much more. ...

AIRED: 06-01-2022

Want to know what really happened at the Tops in Buffalo? Tune in and listen. These are federal agendas that must be exposed! ...

AIRED: 05-25-2022