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AIRED: 05-13-2020

If you wonder who is behind the coronavirus PLANDEMIC, wonder no longer. It is the Jesuit Order, also known as the Society of Jesus, and there can be no ifs ands or buts about it.
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In this episode we cover the ritual of the “debt ceiling agreement,” how the NBA Finals pay tribute to Serbia, the Danny Masterson rape story and much more, and big tech’s rampant censorship. Don’t mind the F-BOMBS either, they were needed. ...

AIRED: 05-31-2023

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AIRED: 05-24-2023

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AIRED: 05-17-2023

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AIRED: 05-10-2023

Wednesday, May 3, 2023 was a day full of Atlanta centered news. Jamie Foxx, a mass shooting, and the first ever RSV vaccine were among the top stories, all connected to the same city. And in this episode we break down why, plus we get a call from Megadeth’s and Kings of Thrashs’s Jeff Young....

AIRED: 05-03-2023

Are you tired of watching the world self destruct? Are you tired of watching evil manipulators have influence over society? Are you tired of watching the sheep fall for these manipulators, people such as Trump? Then tune in and find out how to help out! ...

AIRED: 04-26-2023