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AIRED: 01-29-2020

Preparations are being made in countries around the world as people prepare to leave Wuhan to escape the coronavirus outbreak. The UK is asking British nationals to sign a contract that will see them agree to up to 14 days in quarantine, but worryingly they have to agree to ANY medical treatment that is recommended during the quarantine period. What the heck is that all about?

In the US a flight from Wuhan was on its way from Alaska where it refueled, to an airport in California when it was diverted in mid-air to land at a military base & the US nationals returning from Wuhan were taken off the plane & their fate is unknown at the time of going to air.

Just how bad is this coronavirus? How much is being played down or hidden? Or is everything we are seeing being overhyped? I open up the phones for you to have your say on this story

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