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Apr 21, 2013

by Chris and Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

Boston Marathon ExplosionsThe Daily Mail has reported that a self-inflicted gunshot wound is the cause of the “throat injury” that is impeding the “interrogators” from “doing their job.”

The facts are still not totally clear, but he may have suffered brain damage and, as a result, may never be able to be interrogated. If the details are true, he may have done it not because he “knew of more terror attacks”, as all the mainstream media pundits are sure to propagandize, but because he saw his brother get stripped down and taken by the police only to be found dead minutes/hours later. He was afraid of being tortured, he’d probably seen the utter hatred of America for the Aurora shooter and other “mass shooting suspects”, and knew he was already going to be crucified for the crime, whether he committed it or not.

However, if this story is even true, what on earth is THIS?

article-2312486-196A7FAC000005DC-585_964x541This picture of Dzhokhar getting out of the boat directly contradicts their story altogether. This sounds more like he was trying to be “suicided” by the authorities because he was a PATSY.

Many reports say he climbed out of the boat on his own power. The Los Angeles Times reports that Tsarnaev was swearing profusely in the ambulance.

So, the mainstream media and government officials actually expect us to believe that this young man was able to shoot himself through the neck/throat, and still manage to not only crawl out of a boat after being subjected to flash-bang grenades, but also “swear profusely” while in the ambulance? I’m no doctor, but that to me sounds medically impossible.