Jan 30, 2014

children-gary-indiana-demonic-possession-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationAccording to the Indianapolis Star and the Daily Mail, a family possessed by demons terrified the police so much, they refused to enter the house. There was also a recording of a demon’s voice, along with a DCFS employee witnessing a boy walking backwards up a wall. It sounds like something out of Stephen King novel or a B-list horror film ; However, when it’s documented this thoroughly, it becomes far more difficult to brush off as “superstition”.

The articles include quotes and firsthand accounts by nurses, priests, police officers, and others.

In 2011, Latoya Ammons and her three kids – ages 12, 9, and 8 – had just moved in to a new house, and heard footsteps in the basement. According to records, the entire family started to become demonically possessed over the next several months. After a child was brought to the hospital, a nurse and social worker witnessed him “walk backwards up a wall.”

After a string of apparent paranormal events at the house hardened police officers – including the local captain – even declared themselves too frightened to stay there after nightfall and numerous city officials refused to go to the property.


Mother-of-three Ms Ammons, 32, said she was only rid of the spirits that haunted her family’s home in Gary after she moved away and underwent multiple exorcisms and police dug under the house to check for graves.

The Indianapolis Star obtained hundreds of pages of official documents and carried out more than a dozen interviews with police, the Department of Child Services, psychologists, relatives and a priest to uncover the bizarre details – which seem like something straight out of a horror movie.

An audio file of the voice of a “demon” recorded by a police chief can be heard here. We suggest that our listeners read the original news story, watch these videos, and decide for themselves what they believe.