Apr 30, 2014

Jeremy Yachik, a police officer from Berthoud, Colorado, apparently liked to “bring his work home with him”. His psychopathic behavior ended up getting him caught on camera, beating his teenage daughter senseless. Her crime? Eating the wrong carrots.

http://politicalblindspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/cop.jpgAccording to court records, the girl told Loveland police investigators that Yachik abused her daily for years. According to the arrest warrant, the abuse included the use of handcuffs or zip ties to restrain her while Yachik slammed her head against a wall (hard enough to leave a hole) and choked her until she lost consciousness.

The girl also said that he beat her with ropes, restricted her caloric intake (starved her), left her in shackles in a dark room for hours, and force-fed her “ghost pepper sauce”, which is apparently about 10 times hotter than habanero peppers.

When asked why Yachik would do such horrible things to his little girl, he said that the teen “won’t communicate” with him, according to the affidavit.

http://images.christianpost.com/full/66192/jeremy-yachik.jpg?w=262Luckily for the girl, his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Saint-Roberts, caught one of his fits of abusive rage on video, which she then turned in to the police. However, when the allegations came forward, the department’s first instinct was to cover it up.

After showing the video to police chief Glen Johnson, Saint-Roberts said they failed to respond to the allegations and she was forced to find another way to bring justice to the situation.

Yachik, after finding out what his ex had done, even called her on the phone one day, saying, “Nice try…trying to get me fired. It’s not gonna work.”, according to reports.

He was finally arrested on October 23, and his boss, Glen Johnson, has since resigned.

He was originally charged with 4 counts of child abuse resulting in bodily injury, and one count of false imprisonment, somehow all just misdemeanor charges, according to police records.

Now that he’s pleaded guilty to one count of child abuse, he’s trying to stay out of jail. He’s scheduled for sentencing on July 18, and is seeking a sentence of only “supervised probation”.