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AIRED: 10-12-2021

Today we have a great surprise: we are joined once again by Nick from the Phuket Word channel! He popped into chat and asked to pop in to chat, and joined us live for our Femily discussion. We touched on SO many amazing topics with Nick, from jibber-jabber to perspective on our plane, and as he so easily does with his warm smile and his bright mind, instantly our show was made warmer & fuzzier! See the link below to subscribe to Nick’s amazing channel!!!

–we also get a call! Live! A young man and his friend asking about secret societi–SSSSHHHHHHH!!
–Cats. Shocker.

Chat chit:

Mad Pieman:
​Coke and hookers have never been a good investment

​much love nye room!

antecedent algonquin collective:
​later all

Alison Briscoe:


​Much love till next time xx

​Luv,Luv everyone……💙💙

Alison Briscoe:
​youtube has NBC news live up for me next hahaha


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