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AIRED: 02-15-2021

Cryptocurrency company with land in Nevada wants state to grant tech businesses power to form local governments. Capitol rioter, 66, accused of being a leader for the far-right militia group Oath Keepers is a ‘retired FBI section chief and decorated Navy veteran who has had top secret security clearance since 1979’. Cop that shot Ashli Babbit is the same one that let the shooter on the baseball field years ago that let John Scalise get shot up, AND is a member of BLM! Officers who saved lives during baseball shooting get one of highest law enforcement honors. Signal is a US govt operation, having been created and funded by a CIA spin-off: Is it true? HR 127, The Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act introduced by Congresswoman Jackson Lee. Fake Woke. 12 Free Encrypted & Decentralized Messenger For iOS And Android. A technology firm wants Nevada lawmakers to grant him some of the rights of local government, which he says he needs to build a “smart city” with blockchain technology at its core. TN state rep on co-sponsoring bill that would bar transgender girls from women’s sports. Great Smoky Mountains National Park visitors must wear masks, including busy outdoor spots. Who owns the railroad transport of oil, that stands to benefit by the closure of pipelines? “Why does anyone need a high-capacity magazine?” Other than the fact that the existence of the Second Amendment means that it’s nobody’s damn business how many rounds we have at the ready to defend ourselves…this video is a clear example of why so-called “high-capacity magazines” are life savers.

From Congressman Jeff Duncan:
HR 127, The Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act introduced by Congresswoman Jackson Lee.
First of all, this is one of those bills that’s actually worse than what you’ve probably heard. It also proves that yes, there are plenty of politicians out there who want to take your guns.
Here’s an overview of the legislation:
1) Establishes a firearms registration system within the ATF
2) Registered individuals must notify the ATF every time they loan their firearms
3) May not loan firearms to anyone under the age of 18, does not seem to have any exception for hunting or recreation
4) All firearms acquired before this legislation must also be registered
5) Creates a firearms and ammunition licensing system
6) Must be in possession in order to purchase or posses firearms or ammunition
7) Must be 21 years old to obtain a license
8) Must go through psychological evaluation
9) Must have firearms insurance, like car insurance, to cover damages resulting from the use of any firearm by the person
10) Need a separate license for Antique Firearm Display
11) Must describe how it will be displayed and demonstrate that it is stored in a manner as approved by the AG.
12) Need a separate license for “Military-Style Weapons”
13) Licenses may be suspended if individual is under indictment, not even charged, for a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.
14) Must renew licenses every year for 5 years, then once every three years (this provision has already been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, but the author doesn’t seem to care).
15) Prohibits possession of certain ammunition, and based on my reading does not provide an exception for shotguns, so 12 and 20 gauge could be prohibited under this legislation.
16) Prohibits “large” capacity feeding devices (10 rounds)
17) Possessing a firearm or ammunition without a license and registration is a minimum fine of $75K and minimum sentence of 15 years
18) Transferring a firearm or ammunition to a person who is not licensed is a minimum fine of $50K and minimum sentence of 10 years
19) Selling or giving a firearm or ammunition without notifying the Attorney General is a minimum fine of $30K and minimum sentence of 5 years
20) Loaning a firearm or ammunition without notifying AG is a minimum fine of $5K
21) Transferring firearm to an individual under 18 is a minimum fine of $75K and minimum sentence of 15 years.
This bill is designed to scare people out of gun ownership. The penalties are so steep, and the rules so strict that the chances of a law abiding citizen accidentally breaking the law is high, and it goes without saying that this bill is a clear violation of the Second Amendment.


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