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AIRED: 09-24-2021

Lots of unrest down-under! We hear from our man under the ball LC King. We also attempt to wrap our head around time changes, clock-skip-back type stuff, if you will…and come to some interesting…speculations!
–Amazon updates its terms of service to cover the zombie apocalypse!! (Thanx, Liz!!)
–A bit of plant talk!!
–Flying microchips. Yeah, THAT’s a thing…
–That guy…who built that thingie…up there…the space thingie—he says it’s broken…a lot…like…
Alan Holman:
​I have a friend named Keegan who is a Flat Earther; he recently upgraded at a High School, and he got into an argument with his teacher about the shape of the Earth. My friend Keegan’s teacher took him to the Principal, and Keegan argued the shape of the earth with the teacher AND the principal.
Mark Simons:
​polio was started by a lead-based pesticide called Corona that paralyzed the insects when they stopped using it polio disappeared! Polio is lead poisoning! Wake up!
Darren Daz Cox:
​I officially bless you as a non-religious minister you will have an awesome day
​was a great show.
Enlightened Dawn:
​This has been an awesome stream! They are all awesome! All ur broadcasts!!! U guys are the best!!
Alan Holman:
​This episode was “Super Duper.”


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