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AIRED: 04-11-2015

04112nd-3rd Hour: John Perkins joins us to talk about global finance in the first hour. In the 2nd hour of the interview, we talk about consciousness expansion and entheogens.


1st Hour: Kevin in Minnesota rejoins us to talk about global events. What do pirates have to do with John Hancock and the creation of the U.S.? He thinks he knows.


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Chris and Sheree start off 2020 – and indeed, a whole new decade – off right, with one of our favorite guests, Auset Eyowaku, to discuss The Moon Projection Reality, Simulation Jumping, and the false dichotomy of light vs. dark within us all that ultimately divides ourselves and prevents us from achieving our true potential....

AIRED: 01-12-2020

Chris and Sheree discuss: How to remove Spiritual Implants and Octopus Tentacles...

AIRED: 06-22-2019

Chris and Sheree speak with Richard Allen Miller about anything and everything!...

AIRED: 06-13-2019

The Final Harvest of Souls – Ascension – and Soul Traps...


The Aten, RA, The Law of One, and Comments...

AIRED: 06-10-2019

Chris and Sheree discuss The Aten, The Computer Brain running The Matrix...

AIRED: 06-09-2019