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Apr 03, 2020

Connoisseurs are happy about scenes like the one when Murot bites the hand of an attacker and thus, so to speak, reverses the current narrative of the carnivorous zombies.

Or get involved in this unusual encounter. It is clear anyway: where Tukur and Tatort are on it, there is generally no crime food from the light segment in it. Tukur has identified Felix Murot three times as LKA man and that was enough to add his picture to the entry “” idiosyncratic “” in the imaginary Tatort lexicon, right next to Borowski’s. Great team: Barbara Philipp, Ulrich Matthes and Ulrich Tukur on the fringes of the filming of the “” Tatort “” episode “” Born in pain “”. (Photo: dpa) That does not change in the latest case either. “” Born in pain “” is the name of the template by Michael Proehl and together with director Florian Schwarz the old connection between monkeys and sugar is completely revived. The focus of the murderous aria is the reunion of Murot with his old friend Richard Harloff (Ulrich Matthes).

The two of them once not only banked the police school together, but also shared the beguiling girlfriend. While Murot was climbing the ladder, Harloff stumbled upon a drug deal that had gone wrong and finally left for Bolivia with his pregnant lover, where he not only became a father, but also became a kind of super gangster and drug baron. That he made his way from South America to tranquil Wiesbaden and returns to the life of the former companion for a simple reason: revenge, of course. Harloff junior is actually Murot’s son, the mother had died giving birth, Harloff senior never got over it. Around the duel between the two friends, an exuberant series of cinematic allusions, quotes, cross-references and tributes relax. Corpses pave his way. (Photo: dpa) A kind of showdown on the platform – appropriately at the beginning of the film – turns out to be a reference to Sergio Leones “” Play me the song of death “”. The underlying intrigues of the “” Ménage à trois “” goes back to “” Jules and Jim “”, the brightly colored freeze frames could also come from Tarantino’s portfolio of quotations, as could the fountains of blood from the ballet-like splatter slaughter between a SEK command and a horde of bad fingers. The whole thing is held together by a fairytale narrator who guides the viewer through the plot.

The fact that it is about Alexander Bosco (Alexander Held), who was shot long ago, adds another, irritating intermediate floor. The artificial-theatrical is the program here. “” No blood, nothing is real. All deception, all illusion. A picture. “” Explains Bosco, like the choirmaster of a Greek tragedy. And what would it be without a corresponding soundtrack?

No less than 23 excerpts from classic works, some of them newly recorded for this “” Tatort “”, can be heard by the HR Symphony Orchestra, including Grieg’s Holberg Suite and the irresistible “” Israelite Choir “” from Verdi’s Nabucco, here gaudy and contrary with the already mentioned blast between the police and the rabble. This time the “” Tatort “” functioned on two levels: There is the case itself, the duel between the two alpha protagonists Murot and Harloff, which causes excitement as does its quotation-rich integration in a dazzling network, which placed Shakespeare and action, “” Kill Bill “” and Truffaut, Strauss, the Bible and “” 100 masterpieces “” next to each other. All the elaborate movie quotes bingo would fizzle out without the appropriate ensemble. Ulrich Matthes’ eyelash-free gaze is difficult to escape anyway, Golo Euler as Harloff junior, staggering between rebellion and bondage, would like to see more often and Tukur also knew how to surprise: it was sensational to see how the one from economic miracle preferences and slippery cinema got crooked early on doing a few gun salvos from the hip with relish. That in the end Murot’s assistant Wächter becomes the guardian (wink, wink) of the tragic secret by hiding Murot’s son, is another point. L’art pour l’art also at the end: the last tracking shot to a mysterious image at the Wall – not just since Jack Torrance’s ominous New Year’s Eve in the ballroom of the “” Overlook “” hotel, a coherent final chord in minor. Source: “Is locked up with a cannibal and a trigger-happy girl: Inspector Murot (Ulrich Tukur). ( Photo: HR / Bettina Müller) Every case is a direct hit: The Wiesbaden-based “Tatorte” “with Ulrich Tukur in the lead role have regularly raised the Germans’ favorite Sunday thriller to a new level over the past few years. This time, this sinks into the abyss – on purpose. Around 6,500 Feature films are produced year after year and there is seldom someone with what it takes to be a classic, and films that cite the popular classics of their time so skillfully are even rarer That they become something of a meta-classic themselves – like John Carpenter’s “Assault” from 1976.

In the Wiesbaden “” Tatort “” they want to go one step further and without further ado they produce a homage to the B-movie pearl. Whether that can work? Screenwriter Clemens Meyer has a guest appearance as a drunk radio DJ. (Photo: HR / Bettina Müller) At least the starting position couldn’t be better: Ulrich Tukur and his commissioner Murot have been a guarantee for extraordinary crime stories in recent years, after eight exceptional cases in a row, the man has earned some advance praise. The screenplay comes from the pen of Clemens Meyer, who is without question one of the best contemporary German writers because of books like “” Als wir träumten “” – and who has already shown how good, among other things, with “” In den Gänge “” he can work with director Thomas Stuber. They all have a soft spot for American B-movies from the 60s to 80s, which they can finally live out in “” Attack on Wache 08 “”. The story is easy to tell: Murot visits his old colleague Brenner (Peter Kurth), who has been on duty in a police museum that has been set up like a police station from 1984 after being wounded. The whiskey that I brought with me is barely open, the cigars have only just been lit, when a distraught girl with a smoking gun and a prisoner transport with a flat tire arrive at the guard at almost the same time – and after the newcomers an army of Hessian gangsters who want to avenge the death of a gang member and The composition of the trapped troop is as varied and improbable as it should be in a proper B-movie: There is a cannibal with a heart, a Bible-savvy girl with a killer instinct and an aging bull with a wandering bullet in his back and a cigar stump in the corner of his mouth.

Together they have to fend off wave after wave of attacking gangsters, who attack conspicuously mindless and look more like zombies. Anyone who has ever seen a zombie film at some point in their life knows that this is of course wanted – all other viewers should clap their hands in front of their heads and wonder what kind of nonsense that is. As always in B-Movies, waiting in front of them Windows are not good. (Photo: HR / Bettina Müller) And that is exactly where the problem of the strip lies: “” Attack on Wache 08 “” is basically a single film quote. Connoisseurs are happy about scenes like the one when Murot bites the hand of an attacker and thus, so to speak, reverses the current narrative of the carnivorous zombies.

But because by far not everyone grew up with Romero and Carpenter movies, the authors feel compelled to perform a balancing act that should not really satisfy anyone in the end: Meyer and Stuber keep giving their protagonists the references to the desired film references in the mouth. “” This is the ‘Night of the living dead’ “” someone shouts as grabbing gangster hands reach through the barricaded windows. And so that everyone knows that the bomb robot that appears later is supposed to be reminiscent of a legendary tin film box, it says “” It’s like ‘Number 5 lives’! “” The strength of Tukur – “” Tatorte “” has always been that both film nerds and Sunday viewers could have fun with them: If you lacked references to the cinematic role models, you could still look forward to a well-made and always coherent crime thriller. This is different with “” Attack on Wache 08 “”: If you are not familiar with B-Movies, you will shake your head uncomprehendingly at the many plot holes and all the other stuff that defines Lofi-Kino. Unfortunately, die-hard cineastes are only partially happy with the new Murot, to blame for the poor and extremely unsatisfactory end. Source: “Inspector Murot separates opinions: While critics and fans see the cases with the eccentric investigator as” “completely “” Celebrating great art, many are just annoyed and want “” a completely normal ‘crime scene’ “” with murder and manslaughter on Sundays.

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