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Nov 06, 2013


It may sound a bit sci-fi, but scientists from MIT have developed a computerized system that not only monitors coma patients’ brain activity, but can also automatically adjust and administer drugs to maintain the correct state.

Patients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury are often placed into a drug-induced coma to give swelling the chance to go down and the brain time to heal.

These comas can last for days, and nurses need to monitor the patients’ condition closely to ensure they are kept at the correct level of sedation.

Dr. Emery Brown, an anesthesiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and a professor of health sciences and technology at MIT, explains:

“Someone has to be constantly coming back and checking on the patient so that you can hold the brain in a fixed state. Why not build a controller to do that?”

The researchers tested the system on rats but are now planning human trials. They say the findings, published in the journal, PLOS Computational Biology, may also have implications for people suffering severe epileptic seizures.

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