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Jan 25, 2021

But if you install dash cameras to your fleet of vehicles, the entire process can be sped up. But even if the UK government doesn’t introduce appropriate rules and regulations, here are some reasons why you should be installing dash cameras on your fleet of vehicles anyway. The other option is a professional installation, which many people don’t think about. This will involve a fully trained auto-engineer hard-wiring the camera to your vehicles battery. This will allow parking mode as the camera has access to power from the battery of the car. You can see more about professional dash camera installation here. Lack of Knowledge –Many people think that the installation of a dash camera is a complicated process, whereas It doesn’t have to be at all.

Really, you have two options – both of which are very easy! The first of which is powering your camera through the cigarette lighter socket. This involves attaching your camera to the windscreen yourself, and simply plugging it in. This provides continuous recording while driving, and will turn on automatically with the car, however you will not be able to use parking mode, and there will be a wire dangling from the camera to the socket. Top of the Range – When it comes to high-level dash cams, the BlackVue DR750S-2CH is the clear winner for us. But, it is true that in the past, drivers have faced difficulty in making claims with their recorded footage. However, with the growing acceptance of the importance of dash cams from the government and police, along with funding for video evidence in a road safety plan, the majority of valid footage is now being used.

  • In the following tutorial I am going to give detailed instructions on how to install the drivers for several Realtek USB WiFi adapters.
  • You can use a wired LAN connection if your computer has a NIC, .
  • The other alternative for wired connectivity is to use a USB to Ethernet adapter if you have one.
  • You can search the forum to find the driver that is most often recommended for use with your Realtek adapter.

Dash cams can resolve payment disputes, and the visible presence of a dash cam has been shown to deter abuse and assaults on drivers. In the event that a passenger accuses the driver of abuse or misconduct, video footage can be invaluable in establishing the facts. With fraudulent claims, such as ‘crash for cash’ scams, video footage will support the driver’s defence. The increased normalisation and visibility of cameras might even help prevent fraudulent claims in the first place. Continuous recording dash cams are car installed CCTV systems that record video footage when the car is running.

It states that operators, as the data controller, are responsible for ensuring that drivers are informed about the technology installed in the vehicles. “It’s not uncommon for drivers to be wary about camera technology. This isn’t necessarily to do with the camera itself, but understanding how the video or data will be LSI Network cards Driver used. This is why communication is key in helping drivers learn about the experience and benefits. Crucially, that the cameras are on the side of the driver. Once this communication and understanding takes place, we’ve found that many drivers insist on having a camera installed.

The app connects to the dash cam using a generic password and is easy to navigate and operate. You’ll need it, as it’s the only way to check the camera’s view of the road ahead, other than watching back recorded video footage. As it’s a WiFi-enabled dash cam, there’s an accompanying app for Android and Apple iOS called MiVue Pro. Bit of a faff, but actually we’ve seen worse and reconnecting a second time is quite straightforward. Installation of these cards is usually straightforward, and simply requires the appropriate drivers to be installed prior to the physical installation of the card itself.

Once you’ve evaluated all the available install methods for dashboard cameras and chosen the right dash cam provider for your business, you’ll need to develop an installation plan. In order to hardwire your dash cam to your fuse box, you’ll typically have to connect two different wires that come as part of a hardwire kit you purchase along with the dash cams that use this method of install. One wire will be connected to a constant fuse that will continue to power your dash cam even when the vehicle is off. The other wire will be attached to a metal ground bolt that will prevent electric shocks. As you can see, hardwiring a dash cam is not safe for everyone to do and will typically require a professional installer to ensure the dash cam installation is done correctly and without causing harm to your drivers.

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Also, you have a legal duty to let passengers know if your business vehicle is fitted with a cabin view camera. For example if you’re a taxi driver or share a company car, and you use your car for family errands. Plus most dash cams record sound and some can video record the inside of a vehicle. If someone else who has use of your car isn’t told they’re being recorded, you’re in breach of privacy laws.

Some systems include a parking mode that continues recording when the car is parked and the engine is off. Outward facing dashboard mounted cameras are relatively affordable and offer many benefits, improving road safety and protecting both drivers and passengers. As a result they are already in fairly wide use across the industry. However, taxi operators must be aware of the regulations affecting dash cam use. We aim to make setting up your camera as easy as possible.

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On occasion a few problems can arise from the driver installation that prevents the card from operating correctly. Teltonika routers are used to provide the digital video recorder with both 4G data and Wi-Fi via a SIM card. The 4G data and Wi-Fi is a necessity when using Timespace or SURE applications for live viewing footage and monitoring location of the vehicle. The router will also connect and power any IP cameras or other equipment which is PoE by providing 4 extra LAN ports. Insurance claims don’t tend to be processed very quickly at the best of times and waiting to hear the final verdict often feels like an overly drawn-out affair.

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Before connecting the camera to your system, please download the relevant drivers and supporting software. Proactive use of camera footage, blackbox data and artificial intelligence – camera footage backed up with telematics data can be used effectively to monitor driving style. Driver distraction and collision warning cameras provide instant alerts of driver fatigue or poor driving styles along with an instant clip of the relevant video footage emailed to the fleet manager. Potentially high risk drivers are instantly identified allowing fleet managers the opportunity to proactively review the identified risks and arrange for further investigation and retraining where required. SmartDrive’s Penny Brooks strongly advises this is done in a proactive manner, through driver training sessions or briefings. The issue of data protection and how data captured by in-cab video cameras will be used is covered under the General Data Protection Regulations .

Then attach the power cable and plug into the 12V supply, again tucking the cable away behind trim and under carpet. If you want to hardwire the RC500S into your fuse box for an even more permanent installation, expert knowledge and extra time will be required. Importantly for the dash cam side of things, a G-Sensor and GPS are included. There’s no app compatibility, for sharing footage via your phone, but you can transfer video files to a computer fairly easily via a memory card reader.