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Sep 01, 2014

News 4 San Antonio

Updated: Monday, September 1 2014, 08:46 AM CDT

SAN ANTONIO — Family and friends are rallying behind a man, who is a husband and father, waiting for a double lung and heart transplant. A plate sale and website have been set up to help the family of Donnie Brown.

Saturday, supporters held a plate sale at St. Matthew’s Church on Wurzbach for Donnie Brown.

He was diagnosed with Scleraderma., an auto-immune disease that affects the organs.

Donnie needs a transplant to survive and the money raised will go towards his medical expenses.

“It puts us in tears, it really does, it’s just an overwhelming response, you hear all the negative things out there in the world, the bad things that go on and that people do but there are so many other people that have big hearts, they are so giving,” says Tanya Brown, Donnie’s wife.

His disease is so uncommon that only about 50 transplants like it take place in the US each year.

If you missed the plate sale and would still like to help Donnie Brown and his family, a website has been set up.

According to a crowd fund page set up for the Browns, “a new heart and two new lungs can cost upward of $1,148,000.00. That’s a lot of money in almost anyone’s (bank book). They do have insurance but it will not cover the transplant and post-transplant 100%.”

The couple also has three children but two are young and still at home.  As said in their site, the Browns wish to keep life as normal for the two young children but they have had to sell belongings and make drastic lifestyle changes.

To continue to help the Browns, click on the link here.