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AIRED: 04-10-2021

The energy of this show is off the charts, earlier in the day our own Ra Castaldo had an exclusive interview with world renown astronomer , astrobiologist and author Dr Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, who also has appeared on Ra’s radio show before right here on Truth Frequency Radio Network. this can be found in the archives right here on TFR. Tonight’s show dives deeper into the topics he discussed with Professor Chandra, certain information and avenues that most scientists such as Professor Chandra cannot completely explore without getting ridiculed and looked down upon by colleagues. Whats fascinating and truly remarkbale is much of Professor Chandra’s scientific work along with the late Sir Fred Hoyle actually seems to verify the visions and theories of Ra’s information. In this episode Ra discusses Comet Encke , and how comets are seeding, destroying and evolving species and planets! And that there’s Cosmic Intelligences at war for knowledge and control over this Divine technology. Certain Stone circles and Nephilim stargates on this Planet that are involved , also advanced crystal and metal technologies that exist that can access, program and summon Comets and asteroids ! personal experiences on the 33rd parallel, and the relation to Gilgal Rephaim in the Golan Heights of Lebanon. Also at the end of the show last 5 minutes Ra does a live reading for Alan in the chat room. Later Alan had contacted Ra , stating how accurate and on point it was, even certain ages that were mentioned. this is one show you do not wanna miss! you can only find this information right here inside the Eye of Ra , tune in to the truth frequency !!!!


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