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Aug 24, 2014

By Andy Devine, WGEM Quincy News, Weather, Sports, and Radio
Hundreds of Culver-Stockton College students spent Saturday giving their time to help improve the community they live and go to school in.

College officials say it’s a way for new students to bond in a unique way while helping out.

A day of work like planting trees and painting may not sound like a way to bond with your new college classmates, but Culver-Stockton students say it’s a good ice-breaker.

“You just come here and you’re a freshman and you don’t really know a lot of people, but since we are doing this as a group you get to meet new people,” Freshman Audrey Meixner said.

Over 500 students spread out across Canton Saturday to do service projects like helping to beautify the riverwalk by planting trees and painting.

“When you are in class you pretty much have to pay attention, your teacher is talking, you have to learn something,” Freshman Paul Davis said. “But out here it’s more of an open experience.”

An experience called the Extreme Dome Makeover is required by all incoming freshman at Culver-Stockton. College officials say this event helps fulfill the school’s mission statement.

“We stress service learning throughout the whole four years that a student is with us, so we really want to start them out with an experience to go and help the community,” College Chaplain Amanda Sorenson said.

For other students like Jalen Thompson, it’s a way to say thanks for the opportunity the community has given him.

“A lot of us are here on scholarship so it’s just a really good way to give back to the community and it’s just a way to get to know people,” Thompson said. “When you get to know people your college life is better.”

School starts back up at Culver-Stockton on Monday.